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Brazilian Keratin Blow Out Treatment $250

Why Get a Brazilian Keratin Treatment ? ​

Many people around the world, especially with long hair, struggle to keep their hair straight especially in damp, hot and humid seasons. Unkempt or disheveled hair leads to low self esteem especially in women. It is hard to keep hair under control under such conditions especially if it is frizzy and curly in nature. You will most likely just end up with a headache as a resultant of this struggle; however, a keratin treatment may be the solution to straight and manageable hair. Besides this form of treatment having a number of brands worldwide, it is a treatment that always works to improve manageability when used on hair. It is a treatment that has gained in popularity around the world as it allows its users to have a semi permanent hair straightening solution for their hair problems, Brazilian keratin blow out can only be maintained for 3 to 4 months.

A Brazilian keratin treatment, also known as Brazilian Blowout, is one of the best hair solutions that not only straightens but also revives hair through its liquid Keratin component. In spite of the unproven claims that it has backfired on a few users, the hair straightening solution continues to enjoy massive support and use across the globe. This treatment takes care of the unruly, curly and frizzy hair and replaces it with shiny, healthy and manageable hair that will last for a good three months. This is a straightening technique that will give quality results for anyone.

How Will A Keratin Treatment Benefit Me ?

Frizzy, brittle and dry hair come about when the natural keratin in the hair diminishes due to factors like chemicals applied on the hair, frequent swimming, permanent color, environmental conditions and other components that affect you hair’s balance. A good brand to consider getting is a Coppola keratin treatment because it has high quality ingredients and has the capacity to help temporarily repair your hair and give it a refreshing look and feel. Previous chemical treatmentsmay have been harsh on your hair before but once you apply thistreatment you will left with a smooth and silky hair texture. For naturally curly hair, a keratin treatment will straighten and maintain your hair’s softness irrespective of the climate’s conditions.

A good number of protein products on the market today are keratin-based and the fact that keratin is a component that exists naturally in the hair makes it easier for the treatment to be effective. A keratin treatmenthair product will help repair damaged hair that resulted in a cracked and dry hair texture. A keratin smoothing treatment which usually includes the element of formaldehyde results in perfectly straight hair. This however has to be done by a hair expert who will straighten the treated hair with a flat iron properly to activate the hydrolyzed keratin ingredients to make certain that the hair ends up straight afterwards.

At the end of the three or four months during which thetreatment is effective on hair, there will normally not be a separation between the smooth treated hair and the natural curly one that is growing out as long as a keratin shampoo and conditioner are used regularly. So as with any hair treatment good maintenance is called for.Besides the aforementioned benefits, a keratintreatment also allows for hair dye usage after thetreatment. The color applied on hair after or before thetreatment will hold well because this protein component is good at keeping the color fastened on the hair.

Having permanent hair straightening may seem to be very expensive and time consuming but this cannot compare to the effort and time that you will save every morning for you to have that perfect look.This is why you must consider having a more permanent solution for your hair preferences so that you can avoid the stress of styling it all the time, especially when you are traveling. With the increasing popularity ofpermanent hair straightening products, all women can now take full advantage of this if they want to enjoy the benefits that permanent hair straightening treatments come with.

Permanent Hair Straightening $500 / Re-treatment $250

​Japanese Hair Straightening

What Is Japanese Hair Straightening ? Why Get a Permanent Hair Straightening Treatment ?

​Japanese hair straightening which is referred to as thermal reconditioning is a permanent solution for all those who want straight hair. It is therefore a permanent hair straightening method which means once your hair gets straightened it will remain straight with reduction or complete elimination of any need for flat ironing. well-known Japanese hair specialist who invented this method of straightening hair permanently. Once you have done this treatment ? your hair will be straight forever till your new hair root grow back.

In this hair treatment method, the hair gets treated with thioglycolate chemicals for straightening hair permanently. In this procedure, hair specialists separate the entire hair into parts and apply the solution, rinse it out, then each section is flat ironed before using the neutralizer, and last your hair is rinsed thoroughly and dried. How long the application of the treatment lasts depends on the density of the hair, but it is typically around 5-6 hours. However, once your hair gets straightened by this method then you cannot get your hair to curl back up as the method is permanent.

Normally, the treatment takes up to six hours and it comprises several steps in which the hair is treated chemically. Japanese hair straightening can cost you anything between $300 and $1500. But, it is always advisable not to go in for cheaper rates as the inferior quality chemicals that are likely to be used in cheaper salons may damage your hair permanently. Most importantly, when you have made up your mind to straighten your hair by this method then you will continually need touch-ups every few months so consider this fact beforehand.

After about six months, if you have new hair growth then you will have to undergo a 3-4 hour re-treatment $250 as well which will cost you around the half price amount as the first treatment. There are many women who become apprehensive about this hair straightening method and come up with the questions like would it be a good option for them. Whether this treatment would be good for you or not depends largely on the texture of the hair that you have. Get an expert’s advice to know whether the hair treatment would be right for your hair type.

This treatment method originated in Japan. Previously, the Japanese used this method for thinning extra dense hair, but once they tried this method for straightening curls they were successful. When you have decided to go in for the Japanese hair straightening treatment then you should focus on getting the best hair specialist for you so that you can get great results; someone who has done the treatment several times before. Also, many people who have undergone this treatment want to know if they can use other hair treatment methods as well. Of course they can. Just remember that each successive treatment adds a little extra damage to the hair. But, all the hair straightening treatments are more or less the same. But, the most significant thing to consider before you opt for this process is that you should seek the help of only the experienced and highly professional hair stylist as this is a chemical process and if it is not done properly may damage your hair to a large extent; and you don’t want to have to cut your hair. If you take certain precautions and do your home work on Japanese hair straightening and have considered the upkeep, then you will be pleased will your wonderfully silky, smooth and straight hair.