Who has the time or patience to draw on eyebrows every day?

Save time in your busy morning and look professional with permanent make up. 

Get your permanent makeup by a certified professional with 16 years experience.​

 The client participates in the pattern drawing process and no permanent marks are made until the pattern is agreed upon. Once the pattern is completed, begins the process, filling in the color your choice. after 30 days  the initial procedure, the client most returns to spa  and the brows are examined for any gaps or areas that need to be filling in agin. At this time a different shade of color may be used to create additional depth and dimension.

Eyebrows frame the face and provide expression. If done correctly, permanent eyebrows offer a soft, natural look and eliminate the need to draw eyebrows on a daily basis. FeatherStrokes Permanent Eyebrows are done with very thin strokes that mimic the look of actual hair. So, even though the process is still a tattoo they will fade faster than a solid, filled in eyebrow tattoo. On average clients come back for a touch-up after about 2 to 3  years.

About the featherStroke 3D Permanent Make-up Brows

3D featherStroke brows available exclusively at permanent make up   

3D FeatherStroke Brows filling in area with thin strokes simulating hair. This gives quite a realistic appearance and prevents the harsh, one dimensional look of a brow that has been filled in with a solid color. 3d Eyebrow Tattoo is a totally painless procedure, 3d Eyebrow Tattoo is unique for its most natural look, in shape and color. which only takes about an hour in most cases, there’s no bleeding, no downtime, there might be some very minor swollen, you may go to work, shopping, party, movie or concert on the same day, and it will heal in 5 to 7 days.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​PERMANENT MAKE UP PRICING​



( 90 days Including 1 Time Touchup )                                         


Full Lip liner      ----------------------$495                                                              

Lip liner            ---------------------- $200                                                          

3D Sculpture Eyebrows-----------$350 

Normal Eyebrows ------------------$280                                                              

Mix Eyebrow        -------------------$300                                                                 

Top Eyeliner ----------------------$200.00 

Bottom Eyeliner---------------------$200.00

Corrective Work---------------------$350.00+


Refreshers After 90 days

( Single Procedure ) 


Full Lipliner ---------------------------------------------$ 250

Lipliner ---------------------------------------------------$100

3D Sculpture Eyebrows -----------------------------$ 190 

Normal Eyebrows -------------------------------------$ 140 

Mix Eyebrow---------------------------------------------$ 150

Top Eyeliner ---------------------------------------------$ 100 

Bottom Eyeliner ----------------------------------------$ 100 

Corrective ------------------------------------------------$ 175